Our services

Solutions that promote digital transformation

Replace or evolve an outdated software? Computerize a key process? Improve collaboration within your organization? Every company has needs to fill through the use of IT but succeeding to concretize them is an underestimated difficulty.

We do not limit ourselves to the delivery of IT solutions, we dive with you in the core of your business in order to understand its stakes and respond perfectly to it, from a technical but also human perspective.


Microsoft Collaborative Solutions

Cloud’s emergence is a performance and growth lever for our clients who dared to take the plunge. Nonetheless, all companies cannot risk it, often for confidentiality and data security reasons. Aware of those limitations, we offer you an environment corresponding to you, being could, On-Premises or even hybrid.

The collaborative tools from Microsoft allow us to design centralized working spaces, provide you a facilitated access to information thus making you more productive. While helping you integrate these tools, we optimize your teamwork, increase your agility and improve your mobility.

Microsoft partners et strengthened by years of experience, we support you in the digitalization of your working processes thanks to a modern approach based on the “Power” platform: Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps. Our team advises and helps you centralize information, work collectively and communicate more easily thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams solutions.

  • Specialized advice
  • Software integration
  • Customized development
  • Maintenance and support
  • User adoption
  • Upgrade

Our latest works

  • Applications Low-Code Microsoft Power Apps
  • Externalized documents approval service
  • Secured communication platforms “cloud / On-Premises”
  • Centralization and Microsoft SharePoint and Power Automate business information flow
  • Electronic document management
  • Migration and digital transition
  • Various Intranets using the latest features
  • Extranets

Business software

As software developers and business information technology specialists, we place particular importance on the choice of technologies adapted to your needs that best integrate with your existing tools.

Our experience and knowledge of various concepts and development technologies allow us to implement robust and evolutive software solutions, while guaranteeing maximum autonomy to our clients.

Whether you need to start a new project, customize an existing module, make communicate systems of migrate a software on a new version, our team is able to study your need and build the appropriate solution.

  • Development from A to Z
  • Development of customizations in an existing system
  • Upgrade and migration
  • Development of software interfaces
  • Adaptation to your requirements
  • Reverse engineering

Our latest works

  • Development of an ERP (Apex - Oracle)
  • Development of a Windows - SharePoint interface (C#)
  • Administrative request tracking solution (SharePoint Framework - SPFx)
  • CAPE solution in SharePoint (SharePoint - TypeScript)
  • Inventory and product availability management solution (VBA)
  • Showcase website with advanced content management (WordPress - Php)
  • 3D visualization software with touchless HMI (C# - Xamarin - Python)
  • Log tracking software (ASP.Net - C#)


As IT and communication specialists, our team ensures that the suggested solutions integrate with the global and technological strategy of your company. The acquired experience throughout the years enables us to have the necessary hindsight to advise and assist you in the implementation of your needs.

Your company’s culture guides us in the suggestion of truly appropriate solutions in the heart of your business. We study your processes, practices and tools, and then we accompany you in their evolution or replacement. Furthermore, if you wish to develop your solutions yourselves, we can set up a personalized follow-up to help you reach your objectives and guarantee compliance with technological and organizational good practices.

  • Analysis of your systems and your situation
  • Suggestion of a project plan according to your needs
  • Advice and help for technological decision-making
  • IT project supervision (reviews, audits, etc.)
  • Development of customized solutions
  • Long-term support and follow-up
Our method

An iterative, scalable and agile development
to meet your expectations

We use an Agile methodology based on Scrum to make your project successful while being as efficient as possible. This method is oriented on the result and the human interactions, in particular by putting forward the transparency, the critical spirit, the step back and the adaptation. The team will work in "sprints", meaning by iterations of testable functionalities of your product.

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